PEHB: Visionary legal advice in sync with the times.

When PEHB was founded, many people still considered the automobile to be some newfangled gimmick. When PEHB celebrated its 65th anniversary in 1955, a completely new era began in the country. At the centenary, people knew that Austria’s future would lie in a free Europe. And today, 130 years after the very first mandate, we are reviewing the legal requirements of the digital age as one of the leading law firms in the country, both well-prepared and dynamically increasing our knowledge.

The exact year in which our firm was founded may be not very relevant for our clients. What is of enormous importance, however, is why people and companies have trusted PEHB through all these decades when it comes to demanding and highly complex legal challenges:

Because here, high precision has always been combined with creativity and speed at all times. Because we have always understood the legal system as a dynamic entity that develops and constantly changes, just like the world in which we live. Because the individual mandates are always successfully handled by highly specialised lawyers for all core areas of commercial law. Because cooperation with leading European law firms enables us to offer visionary advice in an international context, even beyond Austria’s borders. And because we do not simply interpret laws, but always focus on the overriding goal of the client.